Foundation vs Foundationless Beekeeping



If you use Lang hives, you have the option to buy foudation.  Foundation solves the problem of the issue of weird comb. It will be straight, nearly guaranteed.  Here’s the Pros and Cons as I see it.



  • Straight uniform comb
  • Control over where the drone comb is made
  • It provides support during harvest extraction


  • You are adding beeswax from an unknown source into your hive
  • You are altering the natural cell dimension of the comb
  • It costs money to get foundation and wire
  • It robs you of time to put in foundation and wire
  • You can’t cutout nice comb honey from a wired foundation

I chose to go without foundation because I’m focused on simplicity, and low cost 3rd world style beekeeping.  But that’s me, don’t let it affect you.


If you don’t use foundation, you need to give the bees a guide on where to build comb. Rub beeswax along the top bar, or put in popsicle sticks,  or put in strips of foundation to give them a guide.


4 Responses to “Foundation vs Foundationless Beekeeping”

  1. Steve says:

    If i don’t use foundation, how does the frame look with the popsicle sticks? How many do you use?

  2. g.kuehne says:

    hmmmmm…will give it try !

  3. A.Roosen says:

    hi from germany 🙂 …the link below takes a while to watch but its worth it. there seems to be a great effect on overall health connected to the size of the cells. if this is only in the slightest to be true, it sounds like a possible revolution. there is always two ways to effect any (domestic) animals is by breeding and the other is by changing the environment…in this case: back to where we came from in europe “cellsizewise”

  4. F. Keefer says:

    The Walter T. Kelley Co. manufactures their “F Style” frame for Langstroth hive users who wish to not use a foundation. There is an angle with the point down running the length of the top bar as a guide on which the bees can start their comb.

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