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“Swarm traps catch bees without you being there, working for you day after day!”  -mt


 Want some bees?

Would you love for bees to come to you and install themselves in a hive? That is what swarm traps are all about!

Swarm trapping almost became a lost art. Beekeepers in days of old knew how to put out swarm traps (also called bait hives) to catch swarms each spring.  Research in the last 20 years brought forward advances in bee pheromones that taught us what scents to use in our swarm traps.  This revolutionized swarm traps and really made them very very effective. But by then, there were few beekeepers left to use this knowledge. Awesome book on Swarm Traps and Bait Hives. You may not even be worthy of owning a copy.

Something every beekeeper should know

I stumbled onto swarm trapping several years ago and became fascinated by it. There is so much subtlety in good swarm trapping, that I deeply engrossed myself in reading all the research done on it.  I then started to apply what I had learned and began catching swarms. Lots and lots of swarms, so many that I started selling off hives to keep my hive count manageable. I discovered that a 50% success rate was quite possible for Texas.

Swarm trapping is a skill every beekeeper should know.  It is both a great way to increase their stocks and also to catch their own bees that decide to swarm thereby avoiding annoyed neighbors. It is so simple, every beekeeper should do it!  It is also downright fun, it is just like fishing! You hang 3 traps, and check in a week to see if you caught something. A sport in and of itself.

Simple Overview of Swarm Trapping

The basics of swarm trapping is about making a swarm trap that is the size of an 8-frame deep, putting on a lid and bottom, drilling a hole for an entrance, and attaching a hang board to attach it to a tree. The swarm trap needs to be baited, of which there are several inexpensive choices, and finally hung where it stays out of direct light between 10-4pm.  Those are the actions essentially, but there are many ways to do them wrong.

This swarm was so eager to occupy the swarm trap, it moved in while the trap was temporarily stored under the stairs. It was to be deployed in a few days. They just couldn't wait.

This book addresses many, many details that will steadily improve your catch rate. Remember, just catching one an extra swarm, more than pays for this book.


What this book will teach you

This book is easy to understand, with dozens of pictures on how to hang boxes to transfer bees. Packed FULL of tips and tricks like why to use old wood vs new wood, and to hang traps on lone trees in fields.

You will learn the important aspects of swarm trapping to make you successful in catching bees:

  • How to build a swarm trap
  • How to bait a swarm trap
  • How to manage multiple traps easily
  • Where to place swarm traps for improving your chances
  • How to avoid swarm traps crashing
  • When to put swarm traps out
  • When to pick swarm traps up
  • How to avoid several pitfalls of swarm trapping
  • PLUS lots and lots of other little things that will improve your chances of catching swarms in your traps…

Top Bar Hive or Langstroth Options

Very simple to change a trap from one to the other. After all, I’m a TBH guy so I’m not going to forget my fellow TBH converts!



Swarm trapping works! It works for me, and it will work for you, too!

For just a $17.95 investment, your first swarm more than pays for this book and a second copy you’ll give your friend (hint hint!)

So if you like paper books (like me) I’d recommend buying a physical copy


so you can loan it out later.  But if you are really, really excited like some of my followers, I’ve got a digital (*pdf) and  (*mobi) version

of this book for the GOTTA-HAVE-IT-NOW kind of people.

The digital e-book is a GREAT deal at $9.75.  e-book – http://1.outofablue.pay.clickbank.net/

The paper version is $17.95.  Paper Book – https://www.createspace.com/3631331



Swarm Trap e-book




paper version of swarm trap book


















Legal: It is the responsibility of the reader to assess his allergic reaction to bee stings, the author is not responsible for injury from swarm trapping or bee stings.














Authors note:

“You will buy a copy of Swarm Traps and Bait hives”. (Cloaked figure slowly waves a hand.) Stormtrooper repeats back “I will buy a copy of Swarm Traps and Bait hives.”

May the Force be with you.

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