Swarm Trapping and Bait Hive Book Now Available!


Want free bees? Buy this Book!

And do you want them to come to you, instead of driving to them?  The answer is simple — swarm traps.

It is easy to catch free bees during swarm season, the trick is for the bees to catch themselves. I can teach you how. I’ve grown to love swarm trapping so much that I researched it extensively, and practiced what I discovered. I now catch so many swarms, that I have to sell off hives as I have too many.  Swarm trapping is such a great investment of time, that I had to tell other beekeepers what I know.  What I thought would be a simple webpage got too big, and I eventually wrote a 55 page book on swarm trapping.

Learn how to catch free bees!

Swarm Trapping is an old technique that has slowly been forgotten during the last two generations. However, I’ve become adept at it, and can tell you the great new twists that science has discovered which tripled the rate of capture in swarm traps. Where to set traps, how to set traps, what bait to use, how big to build it, this and  dozens of smaller details are all in the book.

This swarm was so eager to occupy the swarm trap, it moved in while the trap was temporarily stored under the stairs. It was to be deployed in a few days. They just couldn't wait.

And the really cool thing?  The book will pay for itself the first swarm you catch.  Package bees are like $80 per 3 lb package, right?  And the e-book is $15,  so you buy the book, snag a swarm and the book has paid for itself, presto.  (the paper book is coming out next month and is maybe $20, same result, pays for itself fast)

These swarm traps will work for both Langstroth and Top Bar Hives. Swarms will occupy either trap, as long as you set them up correctly.  I’m a strong believer in swarm traps with frames or top bars, to make the transfer to a hive body soooooo much easier.

This great e-book is yours for just $15!  Start making your swarm traps!


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Details: The book will be delivered instantly as a PDF file.  It is in English, and is 55 pages with color photos. You will need some program that be able to read a PDF such as Adobe Acrobat Reader (free).  Your credit card will show a charge from CLICKBANK and not LearningBeekeeping.com, as they are our merchant vendor for this book.

-McCartney Taylor


For those who’ve bought the book, please please please, enter comments below on your success of swarm trapping. I want everyone who comes to this page to know how great swarm trapping can be and that they too, will be able to get free bees.

4 Responses to “Swarm Trapping and Bait Hive Book Now Available!”

  1. Kim Flottum says:

    Would you like to share a review copy so we can tell our subscribers?

  2. Harry Sharp, II says:

    I have just finished reading the book “Swarm Traps and Bait Hives.” It is exactly what I wanted and need to know. McCartney has written in an easy face-to-face manner that is very enjoyable and informative

  3. Barna Kakonyi says:

    Thanks for the great book!
    I just finished reading your book last week,and I am setting up 3 traps this weekend and will build ten more next week….I have learned many new tricks and tips how to trap swarms.I have been doing bee removals for over three years,but this will be an easier way to build up my bee-yard.
    will follow up with the results…..it is swarming season…..

  4. James Craven says:

    Great book!!!!
    I am new to bee keeping. I made three swarm traps and caught two swarms. I had to
    build two T.B.H.’s right a way,which I new nothing about.(THANKS U-TUBE)
    James Craven

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