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Swarm Trap Book Almost Finished


I’ve finishing writing my new book on swarm trapping, it has cleared the editor and is now at the designer. It looks to be about 55 pages with 36 photos.
I’m putting it out as both a kindle book and via Amazon as a printed book.

Swarm Trap Catching Going Well


Back from my trip out to West Texas.  Got a little under the weather, the wife and I caught a minor cold from my baby nephew. But I was still up for checking a swarm trap today, the trap set at the flood settlement pond.  It finally caught one, saw consistent bee traffic going in and out.  Just before I left for the trip, I noticed that the swarm trap next to my driveway caught another swarm.  So that puts the count at 4 swarms caught this season. I think I only have 10 traps deployed right now.   I haven’t even checked the 2 near the  school or the one in the park north of me.


So I intend to move these after dark sometime this week. Roberto caught a swarm too, so we will move his at the same time.


Hive count 11, I think, plus the trap hives.