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Free Basic Beekeeping Manual for NGOs & Peace Corps Volunteers


This one goes out to my friends in Peace Corps and NGOs.

I’m a really, really big fan of Pam Gregory and her beekeeping work. She has also created the best manual for third world beekeeping out there.  This 71 page manual is not just about how to do beekeeping in the bush, but the basic  life cycle of the bee a beekeeper needs to know, it covers how to harvest, what equipment to build, how to make a bee suit from a rice sack, and how to package honey that will sell in local markets.  The real vertical knowledge base a beekeeper truely needs to know to make it.Basic Beekeeping manual

With foundation grant money from Waterloo, her manual is now released as a free download. Basic Beekeeping manula

You can find it at

I’ve been told it will also be available soon at
The FAO Agricultural Technologies and Practices TECA website

The International Development pages of the National Bee Unit’s BeeBase website

Practical Action

Bees Abroad


The volumes available:


  • The Basic Beekeeping Manual English
  • The Basic Beekeeping Manual French
  • The Basic Beekeeping Manual Kiswahili
  • The Basic Beekeeping Manual Chichewa
  • The Basic Beekeeping Manual Shona
  • The Basic Beekeeping Manual Kinyarwandan
  • The Basic Beekeeping Manual Hausa (from August 2011)
  • The Advanced Beekeeping Manual English
  • The Advanced Beekeeping Manual  Shona (from August 2011)