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Cuba Beeyard Operations


An interesting view on Cuba.

The video is in Spanish, but all can understand the beeyard: Outdoor extraction, bicycle pedaled extractor, using 1 liter feeders, pulling uncured honey, etc.




Cutting Honeycomb Video done


Old kindergarten friends are the best.  Even better if they served the full 13 years with you through public schools. Especially when they help cut honeycomb.

He’s a doctor now, but he dropped in for vacation. So I had some honey to harvest, so I dressed him in a painters suit, threw a mosquito veil on him and put him to work robbing the bees with me. Lots of fun, he even got stung. (Whoops!)


So I’ve been wanting to make a video on how to cut comb, and so we did.


The basic premise is to have a comb cutter, boiling water and a surface to cut them on. A cookie cooling rack is nice if you like to drain off your comb, but I don’t.