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Cutting out a Lang to transfer to a Top Bar Hive


I got a question the other day that is re-occuring and wanted to answer it here.

“I’ve got this cross combed Lang that I want to move to a top bar hive since I have to cut into it anyway” – Anon. fan


First, Pick your battles.  Transferring an established lang to a Top Bar Hive is a silly battle 95% of the time.

If your goal is to :

1. De-cross comb it, then take the bottom crossed deep. Put down a cloth on the ground, flip the deep upside down, Push all the frames out in one lump, then easily seperate all the frames and put them back into the deep fixed.


2. Starting a new TBH, then go thru process 1, but find the queen. Put her in the TBH, Shake in 3 frames of bees. Cut a single comb out with eggs in it (to anchor them from absconding)  attach this to a bar with string.   Finally swap hive places with the lang, so the TBH gets all the field bees.  The lang will recover and re-queen while the new TBH nuc will immediately build out comb and start re-brooding instantly.

More Swarm Traps Deployed – Queen Rearing Failure


Deployed two swarm traps at Bertils place, and two at secret location of Kcets, and two near HS. Only have 5 traps left to place out of 30.  Found 1 old trap at HS that had been busted open. Looks like the pest of Teenagerus Destructor. Might have to hang higher if in their territory.


The first batch of queen cells I put in for rearing on the Bloody Mary hive were destroyed. Looks like I missed a queen cell Bloody Mary had and it hatched first and destroyed mine.  Not laying eggs yet. I started another batch 3-23-11 on the left Lang hive. Hoping for the best.   As a backup, I made 3 splits off of the red hive. I really like those bees, calm and disease resistant. 5.1 mm cell builder.Queen Rearing Early March - Graftless method