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Swarm Trap Book makes top 100


Maybe not top 100 for all of Amazon, but it really does well under “Insects and Spiders”

A definative guide to swarm traps for the beginner

I’m not sure if I should be proud or just laugh at myself. Still a book over 80,000 is good on Amazon. So I’m happy being at 23,000, It is a vote of confidence by beekeepers that my swarm trap book is useful and worthwhile.

First Review out on my new Book Swarm Traps and Bait Hives


A thanks to Wild Ed!


As some of you are aware, I have published my new book on Swarm Traps and Bait Hives.  I gave a copy to my local bee club, like a good boy. And as good deeds get rewarded, I was contacted by a local blogger in the group who put out the first review on the book.

Learn how to catch free bees!

Swarm Traps working – 2 more caught


Mailed off my state sales taxes today, on the way home I checked on 3 swarm traps.  Two have caught swarms, traps T4 & T12, as I saw lots of activity and foragers bringing in pollen.  I love swarm traps!  Good think I’m writing a book on it and making a DVD. Book should be done within 2 months.


Anyway, of my 30 swarm traps, 5 of sidelined. Either waiting for swap outs (2), or to be repaired (3) and put in service.  I haven’t checked some  since I hung them.Swarm Traps catch bees, do you have some?


So that brings my trap count up to 4 plus one manually caught swarm. That puts me at 16% success rate and the flow isn’t even here yet.  This bone dry spring is really hurting the bees, last year we had a banner year.  This year my lawn is brown and the only thing growing is in my little hydroponics in my backyard.

Dry Spring and only the hydroponics are doing well.