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Back from Brazil, and checkup on the Outyard.



I’ve returned from my expedition, and a bit weary. However, I wanted to check on my bees so I dropped by this morning before the heat was unbearable.

Harvested, Dearth Starting, and Robbing noticed


I took 2 friends, Wes Chang and Cory, out to my outyard and we robbed the bees. Only 2 top bars. Took a minimal amount of honey, only 3 bars. 2 from yellow hive, 1 from red hive.


Noticed a tornado of bees robbing on the plainview hive, so I smoked it and then reduced the entrance.

Moved Bait Hives into Hive Bodies


I moved two hives in swarm traps into hive bodies.

Bait Hive Crashed


Swarm Trap bit the dust

2 days ago, I went to move my bait hive traps that caught swarms in the last 2 weeks.

Bee Attack


Whew. I did the cutout on the water cooler hive that Frank and I took to my apiary.

Bait Hive Caught another Swarm


We’re getting a bit of rain from a approaching hurricane. Haven’t been out and about much. But nice to have rain in what is normally a baked hell here in Texas. I expect the honeyflow to extend due to the moisture. The rain keeps the blooms and nectar flowing. Cross your fingers.


Checked the backyard swarm trap. By God, It has caught another. I almost want to laugh. That brings my 10 traps up to 6 swarms.