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Troubles at the Apiary


The landowner will be doing a major cleanup of the property for a sale. He want all my hives gone by New Years.

Fall inspection and Forced Harvest


I checked on my hives today, found that I have 6 langs and 4 TBH plus one TBH nuc.

Mystery illness wipes out bees on Vancouver Island, BC


I received a dark message that something swept through Vancouver Island in Canada last year and killed of 90% of the bee population. That is a massive decimation. This came straight from veteran top bar hive beekeeper, Conrad B

Indian Honey banned in EU


An EU inspection team on honey from India showed serious failings on honey safety. Mainly ‘residue monitoring’ as defined in the food safety law 2004/432/EC. So they imposed a ban from India.

I don’t really know how badly this affects Indian honey industry as the native demand is close to the country production.