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A Warm Week of Thanksgiving


Almost at the end of November, and it is still a warm breezy 80 degrees today here in Austin, TX. Typical of Texas weather. On the flip side, I see several species of plants still in bloom. So pollen and nectar are still coming into the hives. And while the warm weather is still here, I will take the opportunity to feed the hives that I feel are light. So don’t forget your fall feeding, and use the warm weather to give them warm syrup. Bees just won’t take bitter cold feed.

Ancient Beekeeping and Laws


I found this interesting tidbit about ancient beekeeping while trolling the web. I like that is has studies and dates to back it up, although I haven’t vetted it yet for accuracy.


“Interesting, it sheds light on the agricultural economy of the time. Some further thoughts on ancient beekeeping from

Old Beeks Never Die


I talked with a local beekeeper who is 86. He’s been keeping bees for 76 years!

Some interesting Beekeeping videos


Came across a mini documentary on a Aussie beekeeper with an old lumber mill. Give it a watch. About 5 minutes.

and a totally wacky hive with wacky people here:

and an artsy short 2 minute video about living in the ‘now’ due to beekeeping

and a short interview of an arabian bee farm

a playful video on London honey

Video on Bees in Brazil added


Added a video on my experience in Brazil and the beekeeping I encountered.