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Skunks and Hand Grenades


A fun tongue-in-cheek April fools video.

Don’t take this video seriously.

More Swarm Traps Deployed – Queen Rearing Failure


Deployed two swarm traps at Bertils place, and two at secret location of Kcets, and two near HS. Only have 5 traps left to place out of 30.

SXSW and the YouTube Party


So this is a special insight into my beekeeping YouTube world.

Yea, so this isn’t a beekeeping update, but some of you might get a kick out of this.

YouTube Partner Party


Hey folks!

Spring! Finally here!


Spring has pulled up to my part of Texas. Oak trees are beginning to bud, that is my indicator that swarm traps need to be deployed. My earliest known swarm is March 1.
Swarm traps for the spring

Notes to self:
Friday, I deployed 3 traps at the homestead, 1,2,3 and three more nearby 11, 12, 4. I also recovered 2 crashed traps from last year, one near the waterworks that merely fell, the other smashed by teenagers, I presume. Both were refurbed, numbered 5 & 6, baited and left outside to deploy to the 4plex.
I need to knock together 100 more deep frames. I forgot how much time those buggers take, remind me to buy pre-built next year.