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New York Beekeeping Dispute over Feral Hive


Tropical Storm Irene moved through New York City on Sunday knocking out power, causing flooding in some neighborhoods and knocking over many trees.

In one corner of Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, the storm also set off a fight

First Review out on my new Book Swarm Traps and Bait Hives


A thanks to Wild Ed!


As some of you are aware, I have published my new book on Swarm Traps and Bait Hives.

Mentioned in Local News


The Austin American Statesmen newspaper sent a reporter and photographer out to meet me. The article came out today.

The photos are here:


“Among the many interests that Austin engineer McCartney Taylor has (he has magic skills and he’s traveled the world hunting meteorites), it’s beekeeping that has earned him a large online audience.

Beekeeping, it turns out, has become one of those everything-old-is-new trends. It’s become even more popular in the past few years as stories about bee colony collapse disorder made the news.

Amateur beekeepers have swarmed to YouTube looking for information on trapping their own hives and being good apiary stewards, and many of them have found the videos that Taylor shoots and edits himself, often as he wears the beekeeping suit he says makes him look like “White Darth Vader.”

Did I mention Taylor

Swarm Trap Book finally done!


Well well well, looks like the Swarm Trapping book is done and finally available. Whoo hoo!

So if you want to get free bees every spring, this is the book for you.

  • How to make Swarm Traps
  • Why they work
  • Where to put them
  • How to Bait them

Learn how to catch free bees!

This is the printed version, the pdf version is available via

Tassie Movie on Discovering a Honeyflow


This is a nifty movie about a beekeeper in search of a new honeyflow. I only wish my videos were this good.

There are 3 parts