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Cuba Beeyard Operations


An interesting view on Cuba.

The video is in Spanish, but all can understand the beeyard: Outdoor extraction, bicycle pedaled extractor, using 1 liter feeders, pulling uncured honey, etc.




Video on Getting Started in Beekeeping in 5 steps


I get asked some basic 101 questions all the time. So I’ve finally made a video that outlines my advice in 5 easy steps.



Documentary I made on Bee Smokers with Dr. Paul Jackson


This summer I had time to go visit with the Texas State Entomologist, Dr. Paul Jackson.

He has a phenomenal collection of bee smokers and the lore that surrounds them. I couldn’t help but make a documentary on it. Granted, a bit sloppy on the editing, but effective.

Free Basic Beekeeping Manual for NGOs & Peace Corps Volunteers


This one goes out to my friends in Peace Corps and NGOs.

I’m a really, really big fan of Pam Gregory and her beekeeping work. She has also created the best manual for third world beekeeping out there.