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Swarm Trap Book makes top 100


Maybe not top 100 for all of Amazon, but it really does well under “Insects and Spiders”

A definative guide to swarm traps for the beginner

I’m not sure if I should be proud or just laugh at myself. Still a book over 80,000 is good on Amazon. So I’m happy being at 23,000, It is a vote of confidence by beekeepers that my swarm trap book is useful and worthwhile.

Spring is a comin’ to Texas


Just spent a week out in east Texas, I see several things blooming already, mainly the wild mustard. These early blooms are very important for protein sources for new bees. So I’m getting ready for some spring craziness.

I’d recommend putting on 1/2 lb of pollen patties for those in Texas as the drought really knocked our hives in the teeth last year.  As much as I dislike feeding, last year and this spring will be an exception for me. If the bees don’t eat it within 4 days, don’t give them more — they likely are getting better pollen in the wild.

I do have expectations that this spring will provide a honey crop. The rain has restored soil to normal levels according to NOAA soil moisture maps, which means nectar in flowers. My main problem was that I lost half my hives and am down to 5.  But I expect to split a good bit this spring and make videos of that, too.