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Beekeeping photography


The coolest beekeeping photos around! Worth a click. or two. or three. or…hell, I lost an hour here.

Beekeeping Fan Store Added


So I’ve been wanting to put out some T-shirts that help promote beekeepers in our society. You know – cool shirts beeks would love to where. The problem is, I’m just an engineer and my aesthetic aptitude scores show I’m in the bottom 2% of the nation. I mean hey, you’ve seen the shirts I wear in the videos. Nuff said.

So I want to try to tap into my audience. I’m looking for any artist out there who’s got really cool ideas for a Beekeeping shirt.  I think I’m going to make a contest. Get artists to put forward their shirt designs and let my YouTube audience decide the top designs. Then I’ll submit the designs to my Printfection store for folks to get their cool Beek shirts.  ( I chose Printfection over Cafe Press solely on quality reviews)

Any comments on this plan?

oh and the current Printfection account for the shirts is here –