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Swarm Traps that catch bee swarms under them


A fellow beek from Poland read my swarm trapping book and built a trap. It caught bees, but under it.  I’ve seen this happen before.  I’m interested in seeing if we, as a beekeepers, can figure out the common denominator of why.

polish trapHas anyone else built a trap that caught bees under it?  How large was your entrance hole?  How large was the swarm?  How big was the trap?

I’m looking to see if there is a trend. In his photo, and from his video I see a undersized hole and a huge swarm.

If anyone else has caught a underslung swarm, please comment below with the:

  • How large was your entrance hole? (i.e. 1″ diameter)
  • How large was the swarm? (ie. small/medium/big/huge/it-carried-off-the-trap)
  • How big was the trap? (about 6 frame / 8-frame / 10-frame (langstroth)

thanks!  Doing my part to save the world, as we all should.