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Indian Blanket has peaked and slowly fading.


Horsemint is getting underway. I made it to the outyard today to move the 2nd swarm catch of the season. I got chiggars picking it up, so I’m reluctant to return the swarm box to the same location.

I checked on the hives out there. Found one hive with supercedure cells, I’m going to leave them in place and assume the bees know what they are doing. It is from a hive with the Corey mite resistant bees. So I’ll be at 1/4 genetics pretty fast.

Noticed the swarm trap that caught the first bees of the season had orphans in it and they were still at 20+. Enough to possibly fight off a new swarm.

The first swarm hive had abandoned their original comb and began building crosscomb. Very annoying.

Quick inspection check in the home yard


Blue hive has a Dakota super on it, annoying me. The other dakotas have all been cut down to mediums, even the frames. The dakota has some honey, perhaps 3-5 lb or so. And some crappy looking drone patterns in the honey area. Thought at first I had a laying worker. I also removed the miller feeder. I really need to give them a pail feeder to regulate the syrup intake. Even put in a medium in between the deep and the dakota so I can remove that damn thing.

However, in the deep there are several full frames of brood on the way. Looks like Corey’s mite biter queen is laying away! However, they still have not built out 3 or so frames. I do not like my chances of making honey this year with that hive.

As for the red hive, it has 4-5 frames of bees and most brood is capped, so I expect them to grow 2 frames of bees per week. So June 4 they should be a full 10 frames. These bees are a split of the old hive, so I have no idea on mite resistance, but they were fairly gentle.

I noticed swarm trap #19 had caught a swarm near the creek. I’ve moved it to the truck after dark and will haul it to the outyard tomorrow. That will bring me up to 7 hives out there. If they don’t have brood already, I will steal some from one of the hives. That should keep them from absconding. I’ll throw on a boardman feeder, too, even though there is a honeyflow on. Swarms anchor better with food and brood. I’m likely putting it in a deep because I have lots of those after my big deep build.

Caught First Swarm of 2024 and Horsemint blooming


Got to the beeyard today at noon. Blue skys 10mph breeze. Not to hot, nice. Saw Firewheel still in full bloom on roadsides and at outyard. Also saw the first of Horsemint blooming.


And I also caught a swarm in one of my 3 traps. That swarm was immediately put into a medium and put next to the last nuc I made.

Saw the first Horsemint of season.

Transferred Nuc to Deep


Home apiary had a nuc I made some weeks ago. I saw lots of traffic in front of it and feared it may have been a swarm about to emerge, so I immediately gearred up and moved it to a deep. However, they hadn’t even finished building out the 5 comb. So they are now moved, but a tad early. Gave them some wax foundation, and will check on them in a week.