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Swarm trapped hives absconded


Highly unusual, both the swarm trapped hives I had absconded, abandoning brood. Normally brood is a solid anchor to keep them there. In one case, I tried to straighten a crosscomb and it collapsed which is likely why they absconded. In the second case, I don’t know. Maybe rob out? Not likely.

As for the bloom…Horsemint is king but Indian Blanket holds on. I see surplus honey finally being produced in the production hive at the outyard.

In the home apiary, the blue hive has 5 frames of bees, but has chimney-ed the brood nest into the Dakota super above. I’m really ready to get rid of the last Dakota super. But not till after season, apparently. I was able to see the queen and mark her.

The red hive has 6 frames of bees, so another 2 weeks before I give her a super.