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July Splits


Visited outyard 3 days ago. The bloom is effectively over. Horsemint and Indian Blanket are done. There are sporadic blooms, but not groups of blooming flowers, and the fields are definitely brown.

The swarm trapped hive I set up by the trap is still small. Like 3 frames. I gave them 2gal of sugar syrup.

I did two walk away splits – one from the Corey queen hive, one from a mother hive split hive. 5 frames each. And each given 2gal sugar syrup. The donor hives given 2 gal sugar syrup.

The crop for the year looks poor. maybe 10# of horsemint honey. Not going to pull it. Not worth cleaning the extractor for that.

The two main hives, I did not split. As I was out of sugar syrup and time. I’ll split next trip, before Pennsic. The quantity of sugar syrup I have to mix is getting a bit much. I think I’ll need to move to a 55gal poly barrel with a giant oar.

I split in spring, now in July, and I will again in September. Count at outyard is 8. Home apiary is 2. I’ll split the homeyard this week. That should take me to 12 again, after a decade of low numbers. Then I’ll feed them all thru August and do another round of splitting in September.