911 Swarms


Two swarm calls today. One was from a fellow in Leander who called 911 and they gave him my phone number. Simply 3# of bees under a trampline. Due to the travel time I opted for the “Grab and Go” method, put a box underneath, shake the swarm, wait 20 minutes to settle and take what I have. Yea, I miss a hundred foragers or so, but I wasn’t going to drive another hour for them.

The second swarm was near me on a trash can lid 10 minutes away, I shook them into my hive and left. When I returned at dusk for them, they had absconded 30 feet away in the top of a nearby tree. Damn. So I put a drop of lemongrass oil in the hive and left the hive body as a bait hive. I’ll come back in a few days to see what happened.

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