A visit to the outyard


Split a hive at the outyard March 2. Took 5 frames, leaving the original queen. A couple frames of emerging brood and some fresh eggs. Added a frame of honey. And put on a Boardman feeder with 1qt of 1:1 sugar syrup on both hives.

Now that I visited again, March 22, it has been 20 days, no signs of queen cells. Queen should have been reared and hatch in 17 days. And she should be mating now. Laying eggs in a week. All I saw was sealed brood, no eggs, and a build up of honey and pollen. I gave the split another 2 frame of bees and eggs just in case. Then put on 2 qts of 1:1 sugar syrup. The mother hive I put a miller feeder on and added 2-3 gallons of 1:1.

I’ll check in again in a week or two.

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