Some interesting Beekeeping videos


Came across a mini documentary on a Aussie beekeeper with an old lumber mill. Give it a watch. About 5 minutes.

and a totally wacky hive with wacky people here:

and an artsy short 2 minute video about living in the ‘now’ due to beekeeping

and a short interview of an arabian bee farm

a playful video on London honey

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  1. Chuckarama says:

    Another interesting hive I’ve seen is this traditional Japanese beehive.

    It appears to be some sort of free comb Langstroth hive, but on a smaller scale than we might run here in the U.S. I noticed him adding a new box to the bottom, then taking the comb off the top. My assumption would be that it is to keep the established combs growing downwards, as that is probably less messy for the keeper and the bees than starting a new (foundationless) comb at the top of a hive. (Who knows if they would ever line up when they got to the box below? There also seems to be some kind of wiring inside each box, probably to provide stability, allowing the box to act partly as a frame would; a comb stabilizer. What I really like about it is the simplicity. Four equal lengths of wood, nailed/screwed together, and BAM! You’ve got a hive.

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