Another visit to the outyard, first Fireweed seen


Visited the outyard. Took another split out of the miracle hive to slow it down, took 2 brood 1 honey. Shook some bees, too . Put them in a Deep, with one of my new hive tops with the pail feeder hole and a donut 2gal bucket with 1 gal of feed. Leaked bad for 60 seconds then pulled vacuum.

Noticed they miracle hive was lighter this time. I think they consume syrup faster as they get bigger. I put 2 gal on both it and the first split, and a galleon on the new nuc.

Outyard hive count to now 3. Home count 2. Expect to split in summer and Sept as well. Hoping for 15 hives by December. Would like to requeen all hives to get some Stephens Mite resistant queens and be treatment free.

Spotted the first Fireweed/Indian Blanket at the outyard. This is an important honeyflow plant. I don’t know if there are enough around the outyard for a crop, but I sure do know Horsemint is a main flow.

Also noticed a Striped Bark scorpion on some top bars I was picking up. This is the type of scorpion that stung me 3 weeks ago or so.

I also spotted bees working Antelopehorn Milkweed. That is a known honeyflow. The Texas Honeyplant book says March, but I see it mid April in Williamson county.

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