Back from Brazil, and checkup on the Outyard.



I’ve returned from my expedition, and a bit weary. However, I wanted to check on my bees so I dropped by this morning before the heat was unbearable.

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  1. Chick says:

    I picked up quite a few swarms this year. Some trapped, but most of them, I just knocked off a limb, into a cardboard box. I had to do quit a few combines, and requeens. I built 5 or 6 of the traps like you use, and after looking on the USDA site, decided to go with a 40 liter box, which is a 8 frame Langstroth. I use a new sheet of 1/2″ plywood, and I think the freash pine scent was not condusive to good results. I didn’t catch anything in these traps. The paper mache traps, did great! But as you said, you have to get them transferred quickly. Hope Brazil was fun. By the way, I am in Orange, Texas, which is on IH 10, just before you hit Louisiana.

  2. mccartney says:

    Did you bait them with 8 drops of Lemon Grass Oil? Did you hang them on trees in the shade? If you hang them where the boxes are in predominant sunlight, they won’t catch swarms.

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