Bait Hive Caught another Swarm


We’re getting a bit of rain from a approaching hurricane. Haven’t been out and about much. But nice to have rain in what is normally a baked hell here in Texas. I expect the honeyflow to extend due to the moisture. The rain keeps the blooms and nectar flowing. Cross your fingers.


Checked the backyard swarm trap. By God, It has caught another. I almost want to laugh. That brings my 10 traps up to 6 swarms.  Far better then the 10-20% catch rate predicted.  The humor is that the trap I put in the front yard was a good trap. The trap in the backyard was a screwed up trap that I got the dimensions wrong and frames don’t fit it right. Too small, as well. But it has caught 2 small swarms this season. I’m really liking these traps at the house.  That’s 4 swarms at my house in a residential neighborhood.


I asked Mann Lake to sponsor my beekeeping channel. It makes perfectly good sense for both sides. I have a concentrated beekeeping following and they need that. They are a good company as well.  Got to give them kudos for their speed to fix my minor order error.

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