Queen Rearing and a Bee Hunting book


Found a neat book on bee hunting from 1908, so I’ve updated that bee hunting page.Bee Huning by Lockard

Also, I spent Tues, April 5, at the outyard on a marathon beek session breaking down several TBHs into nucs. My second queen cell building attempt was a marginal success, netting me 8 or so cells. Home Grown Queen Cells

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  1. sjdubois says:

    Bee Hunting by John Lockard copyright 1908 is available for free download at the Gutenburg Project

  2. Charles says:

    I would suggest looking on archive.org. There are far more books that they’ve scanned, many of which are long out of copyright (they don’t make copyrighted works available).

    Bee Hunting: https://archive.org/details/beehuntingbookof00lock You’ll want to save it as and use the proper title.

    Also they have many books on beekeeping, all in PDf and DJVU formats among several others.

    Didn’t see any books on TBH, or swarm traps though.

    Cheers -Charles

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