Texas Beekeeping Laws



Legal responsibilities with bees should be addressed by every beekeeper.


You need to understand that you are housing wild animals, that can, in rare cases kill livestock and even people. This should never be forgotten, especially in areas that have Africanized bees, like Texas.

Texas Bee Laws 2004


I’ve found a good article that reviews Texas Bee Law, written in 2003 by Donald Ray Burger, attorney at law, in Houston.

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  1. San Antonio explicitly allows the keeping of bees. The animal ordinance says something along the lines of “it is forbidden to keep any venomous animals except for bees.”

  2. Well you know we have people out there that are so afraid of bees for no reason as all they are wanting to do is to exist and produce honey for ther familey to survive as we all do . When a man or women goes out to work and make money for ther familey to have the things they want is the same as the bees do. Are we so narrow minded that we can’t see this . Now please do not kill the little girls . Rob.

  3. Scott Deerfield says:

    Who do we consult for our city and county guidelines?

  4. Tommy says:

    my wife and i are considering the purchase of a bee hive starter kit for beginners as a shared christmas gift.

    is there a way to find a listing of neighbors that have bee hives?

    i hope to learn more before we commit to this purchase.

    i have so many questions.

  5. Michael says:

    Check out Gretchen Bee Ranch in Seguin, TX


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