Foreign Beekeeping


I always find it interesting how other countries do beekeeping. From time to time I check into how some countries to beekeeping like Yemen or Cameroon .

But North Korea is the holy grail in my little quest. The black iron wall seals off all news coming out of there. But today I found a clip from the only periodical that infiltrates spies into North Korea for news, their name is Rimjingang.

“Beekeeping is seasonally supposed to be lucrative. In May when the acacia flowers start to bloom, the number of people who collect honey in the mountains increases. In the surrounding areas of Pyongyang, there are at least trees on the mountains, so beekeeping has been feasible. One person can collect about 100kg of honey per month by keeping around 15 beehives. The honey is usually consumed by people who want to use it in medicine or by officials.”


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  1. Wan Azmawi says:

    I am from Malaysia and have 2 type of bee in my bee farm
    1) Apis Mellifera
    2) Apis Trigona

    Malaysia have a lot of flower and acacia trees and also Coconut and oil palm good for pollen. Malaysia climate is tropical and hot the whole year with 3 month of raining session.

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