Varroa Mites are the biggest enemy


We face a greater threat from in-hive pests than from out-hive pests (bears and teenagers)

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  1. John says:

    Happen to be looking through the videos on YT and found a guy in Georgia using your free sign boards cut up and using vegetable shortening as the seal on both ends puts boric acid in the sign board. Says it works great on SHB, the shortening is the attractant. Is boric acid safe?

    thanks, john

  2. joe says:

    how about fire ants?

  3. chandra says:

    For SHB and Varroa mites,particularly SHB is freeman’s oil pan method.Using a screened bottom board that has a plastic tray that slides out.
    Add used vegetable oil into the tray,next pour liberally powder sugar into the frames using bee brush the P/S into each frames.Inspect after 40 minutes count how many SHB have fallen into the oil pan,same with the mites.
    freemanbeetletrap.comChemical free .used vegetable oil is given away by any restaurants.

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