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The List of Known Beekeeping Books

This is a list I’ve found of books dealing with beekeeping. (It is actually a list of a beekeepers personal collection that I lifted off of a beekeeping forum) This is NOT a list of must-read book list. Just the most comprehensive list I’ve come across.

Books are a great way to spend the winter whilst your hives are under snow. Each book here, I’m sure, will provide a nugget of information found no where else.

So I really want some reviews of these, if you have a copy of one of these books, PLEASE write a quick sentence about it in the comment space below!

1634 The Feminin Monarchi, or the Histori of Bees, Butler, Charles
1722 The True Amazons or the Monarchy of the Bees, Warder, J.
1744 The Natural History of Bees Containing an Account of Their Production,

11 Responses to “Beekeeping Books”

  1. Lance Wilson says:

    1986 The Beekeepers Handbook, Sammataro, Diana- If I needed to select the best all around bee guide, this would be it.

  2. Giles Sandeman-Allen says:

    1952 Beekeeping with Twenty Hives, Sandeman, Allen A. L.
    quote from inside the front cover – ” A book for the person who has passed from the stage of producing honey for his own table .. but has not yet – and never will – made his bees a full-time occupation.”
    NB. Your site times out very quickly.

  3. mccartney says:

    contacted the webhost, they have fixed the timeout bug. thanks for rooting it out.

  4. Rob Kimmell says:

    Hi McCartney,
    I just had two antique bee books given to me, and I’m enjoying both. The first is the 1913 edition of ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture. Set up in encyclopedic format, it’s fun to jump around to all the different topics, each one covered on its own. Packed with info, they used a pretty small font, so it’s a little tedious to read sometimes. Wonderful old black & white photographs. Cool also that they drew from several different experts on bee culture of the day.
    The second book given to me was: 1950 edition of Queen Rearing by Laidlaw & Eckert of UC Davis. I just getting into it but I enjoyed the history of queen rearing and this is my first reading on the subject so it’s all great stuff from my beginning beekeeper’s perspective.

  5. Larry Krengel says:

    First choice of great reading books on beekeeping is Richard Taylor’s The Joys of Beekeeping. When I meet someone who thinks they want to keep bees I loan them a copy.

  6. Edie bee says:

    I like the pictures in my copy of how to keep bees by anna B.comstock 1905 im amassed at the complex nature of bees

  7. Lance Wilson says:

    1983 Bees Their Vision Chemical Sense and Language, Von Frisch, Carl

    This book is a very easy straightforward read. Dr. Frish was a genius and describes in brilliant detail the many fascinating behavior traits he painstaking discovered thru methodical testing.

  8. priono says:

    I just bought
    Andrew Davies, Beekeeping – Inspiration and practical advice for would-be smallholders (2007)
    very nice hard cover, small but comprehensive and published by the national trust (UK)

  9. david says:

    I found the comparison of ABC and XYZ 1923 and 32nd edition interesting. I was
    looking up L.L Langstroth. Greenfield was celebrating 200th birthday. Warm Color
    aparies and Second Congregational Church where he was pastor from 1844-1848,
    sponsored the event. There was more detail in the older edition

  10. david says:

    2010 Honeybee Democracy by Thomas D. Seeley. I missed a chance to hear
    him speak, but I enjoyed the book.

  11. Roger says:

    1976 The Complete Handbook of Bee-Keeping, Herbert Mace

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