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I’ve been beekeeping for some years. I researched a great deal, and finally got into it.


However, what I’ve found is that new beekeepers don’t do enough research before they get into beekeeping. Many quit before they ever wash their beesuit for the first time. So I realized that with a beekeeping lesson compressed into 5 to 10 minutes, the average newbie would absorb what information they needed. Thus, I started making short beekeeping videos on how-to beekeeping.



Look on the navigation bar on the LEFT, pick the subject matter you want to learn about ( Top Bar Hives, Bee Removal, etc) then click on it to pull up all the videos I’ve made for that subject.







4 Responses to “Beekeeping Videos”

  1. Sylvain Roux says:

    I’m french (excuse me for my english)
    I start my research of documentation on beekeeping since 2 months.
    I think I’ll start building my first HBT shortly.

  2. samir elbahja says:

    hi,it s ok if you publishe it,so other guys will learn if they don t know what to question is i cought a small swarm about 2 months ago,and i want the number of the bees to there awayto do it?
    thank you

  3. mccartney says:

    Yes, to increase a small swarm you should feed feed feed. If they don’t take sugar water, then don’t feed because a honeyflow must be going on. Your other choice is to combine a small swarm with another, so they get big enough to produce a honeycrop that year.

  4. mukupa brian says:

    Hi, am a bee keeper from zambia, i need your help in building queen cells, Also i want to find out if i can do a distance course with you

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