Beehive removals aka Cutouts


I’ll show you the hives I’ve removed from places they were not welcome.

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  1. HAve you read of Aebis’ structural harvesting chapters? I haven’t tried it, but it sounds pretty slick….

  2. yeah… i have read… not cut out or captured. As I watch, whoa diggity!

  3. Phoenix Asher Featherstone says:

    Life saver, thank you! I will be sure to send you a copy of the video, cause like you said if you don’t have proof it never happened. I have caught swarms, extracted bee’s from small spaces. Now for the first time I will be doing a cut out!! These bee’s have been in the wall for years and the home owner wants them now in hives, I am so excited.

    By the way my company Bee Whirled TM. makes custom bee hives out of wine, whiskey and beer barrels. Yes we sell them. If you are interested let me know. 415 515 9999.

    Thank you again for the wonderful advise.


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