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  1. Cody says:

    I have a small ranchet of 3 acres where I grow apples, pears and berries, I have been making my own bee boxes for my Mason bees and thought it was a good idea the graduate up to honey bees , with their decline and all.

  2. Robert McKinniss says:

    The world needs bees and I love honey, I think everyone should have a hive or two adds to the life of the planet and great stress relief.

  3. M Grady says:

    I had bees 50 years ago I always longed to get back into beekeeping

  4. Dona Martinez says:

    My reasons are two fold, bees are a necessity for us to survive and people are exterminating them. I would like to help our environment by having my bees pollinate our area. Also I love honey and many others do so to share what the bees produce at our local farmers market would be amazing!i can’t wait!

  5. Steven says:

    I am about two years from completing our first off grid home and we plant to keep bees, grow our own food (or much of it) and our own animals. So learning now, so I am prepped to starlit my first year in our new house

  6. Susan McMillan says:

    I am interested in pollination. I am trying to provide a good home for bees. I have a top bar hive, and expect delivery of bees in 2 weeks. So excited. Thank you for including me in your group.

  7. Angela DeVore says:

    I want to harvest honey and make candles etc. Many “coincidences” (which I do not believe in) have l left me with a strong desire to go for it. I need the most space and cost efficient sufficient methods! Thank you soooo much for your help. It is SWEET of you to offer free advice!

  8. Kofi AFRAN ADJEI says:

    I want to go into beekeeping to produce honey for sale and while doing so I would be able to impart the knowledge gained to others who would also like to learn.

  9. Terry McFall says:

    I bought your book, and enjoyed your website with videos. I did not find anywhere, but assume you put 8 frames of drawn comb, foundation, or both in each swarm trap? If you leave a gap (less than 8 frames) for open space for bees, some frame tabs may drop off the frame rest if they get crooked in the box. Frames, foundation and drawn comb do take up a lot of space within the swarm box, but suspect any gaps will encourage burr comb building attached to the top. You might address that in your upcoming video!!…………

  10. Glenda says:

    I would like to keep bees for my small orchard for pollination and the fringe benefit of having honey. But most of all, beekeeping will add to the rhythm of the farm life.

  11. Reed J. Cooper says:

    I have been around beekeeping all my life (63 years) my parents kept bees in Tennessee where they learned from their Cherokee mothers and Irish fathers. My parents and grandparents remember all their ancestors keeping bees. I am training my granddaughter’s husband to take over my hives and wanted to connect to a site to help train him in catching swarms and moving hives from buildings. I really appreciate your videos and the in depth detail you use. Thanks so much!

  12. Jim anding says:

    I look forward to see the videos and learning from them.

  13. John Milnes says:

    UK beekeeper looking to understand other countries methods and techniques of good beekeeping. Just finished the Oil Seed Rape season ugh!. Hard and low in taste but bees go crazy for it. Now in the June gap waiting for our garden honey crop.y

  14. Piyasena Kahanda Gamagep says:

    Thank you so much. I don’t have any experience on Bee keeping. Just started with two bee hives in my small tea land which is about 6 acres in Sri Lanka, after my retirement. Gratefully appreciate your assistance. I shall try my best to gain a good knowledge and expand by multiplying present two hives.

  15. Piyasena Kahanda Gamagep says:

    Reasons for why I want to be a bee keeper.

    To get the most Best medicine, Best Food which can be preserved for a very long period of time without food preservatives, to gain Happiness watching at them, to increase the productivity of all trees, specially fruit trees not only mine, even belong to my neighbors, helping to balance the environment. All these are just for free of charge. I can share all these advantages and knowledge with my relatives and friends too. Thank you so much again for the encouragement.

  16. Mike Morris says:

    I am new to beekeeping. I have always enjoyed watching bees gather nectar. I want to help save the bees for future generations.


  17. ADANE says:

    Thank u for helping me! the reason why i am joining bk is to maximize asset of Ethiopian food self insufficent household via bk.

  18. Ronald Shenberger says:

    I became interested in beekeeping when my daughter bought me a Groupon credit for an introductory (1/2 day) class in beekeeping before I retired. I later supported crowd funding for a Flowhive and received a Flowhive in September after I retired. I’ve since joined the Collin County Hobby Beekeepers Association. I am developing a bee site in a community garden about a mile from my home and away from my residential community where I expect to keep three hives, a Flowhive 8 frame, a 10 frame Langstrouth, an an Ecobeebox. I will be taking a multi session seminar from a master beekeeper in CCHBA beginning in January and receive my first nuc of starter bees in mid March for the Flowhive. Short answer retirement. (M. Holmes)

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