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You must be serious about beekeeping, then. Guess the first thing I should do is ask you the most important question a beekeeper will ever be asked.

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  1. Dan says:

    to feed the hungry, growing crops thanks

  2. Okoro says:

    world population is ever increasing and Africa with majority of her population is protein hungry,so with this,employment will be given to some while many’s nutritious needs provided

  3. Elisio says:

    I want honey for the table!

  4. s.afis says:

    i want to keep bee for commercial porpoces

  5. jones says:

    for commercial use






  8. paul moore says:

    Thanks any info going on queen rearing is helpfull

  9. Jennifer says:

    We don’t use any chemicals anywhere on our property, so we have a diverse animal/insect population and chemical free produce. Our field is full of wild flowers so we have a constant supply of bees and other pollinators. I’m interested in saving the bees and getting some honey too!

  10. Vinod K Vatsa says:

    I want to commercially start Beekeeping when I retire from my job

  11. Khalid Khan says:

    To save the plant species from extinction

  12. Pat Reed says:

    Wild pollinators are decline and something like 40% of our food needs to be pollinated. Couple that with our growing population and if we don’t stop losing our pollinators we’re on a collision course with starvation issues.
    I want to be a bee guardian. We’re growing lots of flowers to attract bees in our veggie garden. I’m not interested in the honey so much as the propolis since there are so many medicinal properties in propolis.
    I’d rather get feral bees (swarms) that are acclimated to this very wet climate on the Oregon Coast than ordering bees from a hot dry area.

  13. Glenn says:

    Why beekeeping for me? I enjoy it. I like the challenge of it. I like honey. I am responsible to aid Mother Nature as I can. I like the $s from selling the honey. Plan to keep bees totally chemical free to encourage a stronger, naturally healthy strain of bees.

  14. Slmn says:

    For commercial use

  15. Brian A says:

    I want to bee keep for a few reasons, to teach my son some responsibility, to polinate our farm and to make some money, money is always good no matter how much you have you can always find a use for more

  16. Chris M says:

    I want to be a beekeeper for a few differant reasons. I love the taste of Honey. I enjoy it every morning with my cup of tea. I also want to learn how to make some mead. I have never tasted it but hear it is heavenly. I always wanted to learn to beekeep they are such interesting little creatures. I have some property used for hunting and in farm country and am a member to a hunt club which also a working farm. alot of clover and wildfowers for bees to make honey. Also the honey will give me a new hobby selling to make some extra cash and fund more hives.

  17. Bea W says:

    I love the bees they are very interesting to me. I want to save what I can of them by helping others remove them from buildings, and homes. I realize that without them we are losing our crops I also use them as pollinators on my farm and for my vegetable garden and many fruit trees. I am trying to teach my grandchildren about them and they find them great as well.. Staying healthy with the honey is just a side benefit. I enjoy the bee’s very much just watching them is a thrill everyday to me.

  18. Honey for the table, wax for candles, bees for meditation.

  19. Gary Stone says:

    I am fascinated by bees. I love watching them on my flowers, my birdbath and my hive. I don’t particularly enjoy being stung, but I’ll endure it to help them survive. I want to learn to be a better beekeeper. I’ve had a hive 11 months.

  20. juan (Santiago de Chile) says:

    Estoy re-empezando( 04 -2011) apicultura, 01-2010 tenia pronto a cosechar 12 familias
    con muy buena produccion de miel, 05 dias despues del terremoto, solo cajas, vacias y muchas abejas muertas, Hoy con 04 familias, el panorama no es mejor, tenemos una sequia muy severa,( por cambio climatico), y aun asi seguiremos adelante,

  21. Ben Little says:

    I was always fascinated by Bees and i want to keep them for different reasons, one is that i want a stress free hobby to help with my develloped anxiety problems . also i want natural raw honey to help with my allergies. also i thought maybe i could get some extra income by selling honey to people who want REAL honey , none of the fake crap that box stores keep and that you don’t know where it came from or what is in it IE: undetectable contaminants ect.

    I never knew that just anyone could start keeping bees.

    I’m glad that i can !


  22. michael p. spring says:

    i love honey! at 70 i need to keep the body ,mind and soul together for a few more a wood worker TBH look like an easy way to use up scrap wood. i will also build some langs so i can have more honey this winter.LOVE your web ,did the whole thing in one day.olso i like the little cows with wings,keep up the good work.

  23. Steve B. says:

    I have always been outdoor oriented. My dad was raised on a farm in Georgia, and I guess some of his agriculture genes were passed on. My wife has long been involved in prison ministry and we have recently been readying a fourplex to act as a reintroduction home for recently released prisoners who have been through the programs she is involved in. An aspect of their reintroduction, which is key to getting them into a productive life, is helping them find employment. It is a common obstacle for ex offenders. I saw a program called “Turning Point” recently which had an episode “Sweet Beginnings” which featured a woman who started a company for ex offenders which produces, markets, and sells bee products.
    Saving the earth, and a few souls on the way is very appealing to me.

  24. Tommy Pruitt says:

    I would like to have table honey and increase pollination for my vegetables.

  25. Randy Whitten says:

    Bees are extremely interesting. That is why a window will be incorporated into my top bar hive (hives?) Also looking for some natural sweetness and best of all, the wife is interested to.

  26. Nina says:

    I just think bees are very cool and I have been fascinated by them for quite some time. I will be retiring in a few years, so I want to start to learn beekeeping now. I think it would be a nice hobby, which would actually do some good for our planet (and the bees), and maybe I can make a little extra money on the side.

  27. Richard says:

    Pollinators for the garden and honey for the table.

  28. Jim says:

    It’s something entirely different than my profession as a psychologist. My sons wish to join me with enthusiasm. Pollination of our region is important. Other people are interested and consider the importance of beekeeping in our area. A huge respect is due bee colonies in my opinion. And, placing the bee first, then appreciating the honey itself has many wonderful benefits.

  29. Paul says:

    For the bees and also, honey for me. This weekend (9/30/12) I’m trying to save two bee trees from a land clearing. So far I’ve re-located one of bee trees and the other was destroyed when it was cut down so I’m trying to get the bees into my TBH. Lots of very angry bees here in SE Nebraska.

  30. ONYEMA VICTORY says:


  31. Mandy says:

    Because I can and I find it fascinating.. My neighbours must know I have a hive, but they don’t complain. My husband and kids don’t actually like honey, but my parents and my sister are lining up to get some! LOL

    I have a top bar hive my husband built for me 2 years ago. Every swarm I’ve caught have run away or died. Finally one practically built itself above my empty hive and all we had to do was knock it in. 😀 That was 4 weeks ago. They have now hatched all their workers and are starting to store honey.

    So exciting. 😀

  32. Thomas Metcalfe says:

    I like honey! and love to watch the bees.

  33. griet says:


  34. Bryan says:

    I walk a the path of pollen, and so I would like to hold space for bee spirit to thrive.
    They are wise beings that I am honored to learn from and work with.
    Thank you for sharing.

  35. rodrigo javier ramos says:

    the reason will be that i’m prepering my self to be self sufient. we want to start a new life thrue permaculture i’m gathering lots of skills to build a promesing eco-village we going to produce all our needs, food, energy, housing, etc,etc . and bee kepping will be the most importand of all, since life start from and thanks to the bees that it’s on flora, and keeping the bees will be escencial to our dream. but someone have to learn how..and that someone will be me thanks for your help… ps
    sorry for my grammar inglish second language

  36. Cindy says:

    I’ve been reading a lot about the dwindling bee populations in the US. As a gardener, I’m interested in saving the bees with a side benefit of a little honey.

  37. The Little Ranch says:

    I want to get a little zen from the bees maybe a lil honey in the process 😉

  38. ANP says:

    This will be a great retirement hobby. We have lots of outdoor space next to our hayfield and vegetable garden.

  39. Cindy says:

    We want to keep bees so that we can pollinate our crops with our own bees rather that have them brought in every year. And blueberry honey is a definite bonus!

  40. We have a 35+ yr. old hive on our property, it’s about time the bees started paying rent with delicious honey.

  41. Johny e k says:

    Bee keeping as a profession for bread and butter

  42. Johny e k says:

    Beekeeping is an interesting hobby as well as it will earm something for the family.

  43. Randall says:

    I am an Ag student who grew up in the city I understand the important of urban farming and environmental stewardship. Honey bees are keystones in many things we take for granted.

  44. Kelly says:

    BK..I find it fascinating. From the start to the finish. It has been on my bucket list for years and Im ready to start BK to learn all I can and understand the environment I live in. Thanks again.

  45. James says:

    I feel like Beekeeping could be part of how I give back to the environment and my community. I’m not so much interested in how much honey or other hive products I can produce. Bees have great potential to help me become a better person.
    Also, I believe that becoming an apple grower entails keeping bees. All about learning to be self sufficient.

  46. Joe says:

    I feel that being self sufficient is very important. I hunt, fish, butcher all my own game, garden, brew beer, make wine and I think that this is a logical next step that I can do to be self sufficient.
    Although my judgment on what is logical my not be the most trustworthy.

  47. Vicki Scott says:

    HavE Bought A House in northern Arizona And Will Bee Moving There In A Couples Of Years, And Want ToOrifice Honey, And Have Bees For My Crops And Fruit Trees.

  48. Eric says:

    I have wanted bees on my farm for many years
    I was not able to spend the time to learn and appreciate bee keeping.
    I know have the time and would still enjoy the education.

  49. rick kuch says:

    I wanted bees for my large garden. I started with a hive before I knew as much as I do now. The bees I purchased looked good from what I had read. nice brood pattern ect. I did not notice swarm cells when I bought them and then did not open the hive for over a week. By then the queen was gone and I had a virgin queen. It rained every day for weeks and she never mated. I then requeened and by this time I had a weak hive that later failed. During this time I read everything I could find watched every youtube video and became obsessed with mastering bee keeping. That is why I am here. It is not for the honey. I just want to raise bees.

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