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  1. Daniel Moanta says:

    I like your viseo…nice ones…when you come Romania I can assure you I can make a good coffee as well:P)))))

  2. Cary Voss says:

    I would like to really thank you for this site and videos! I have wanted to try beekeeping for years, but could not justify the costs. Since finding this site and buying your book, i have built 12 swarm traps with top bars and 2 fullsize hives and 2 nucs. I also did a cutout of a hive on an exposed oak branch above a friends fids playhouse on 11/19/12. I am happy to report that after two swarms, the bees have settled into a nuc and are building comb and storing pollen like crazy:). I live in Victoria, Tx near the coast and this mild winter has left many plants still blooming. I cant wait till spring to fill up many more hives!!

    Thanks again

    Cary in Victoria

  3. Med megen interesse har jeg set dine videoer om biavl, is

  4. Timothy says:

    How are your bees doing this winter here in Texas (I live in NRH)?

  5. mccartney says:

    So far, so good. But starve outs always happen in early spring.

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