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Back from Middle East and Europe


Spent March and April in Germany, Poland, and cruising the Middle East up the Red Sea and out the Suez canal.

Giant Honey Bee aka Apis Dorsata


Here is a fun, short video on hunting honey from the Giant Honey Bee. Clearly shot oversees by amateurs, it shows the technology used in 3rd world countries.

Note that Apis Dorsata only builds one comb, and it can get to be the size of a door.



Brother Adam’s Quest for Better Bees


Found a great article about the travels of Brother Adam in his quest.

Bee Attack


Whew. I did the cutout on the water cooler hive that Frank and I took to my apiary.

Nice Prime Swarm and a new Video


Swarm calls this weekend were OK, had a dud swarm of less than a pound of bees on Friday that I just threw into a hive to up the numbers. Then on Sunday I had the biggest swarm I’ve seen. Likely 8-10 lb.
I also finally got my videos to transcode right for It’s all about h.264 and a *.mov extention. Blip timed out if I gave it a *.mp4 So be it.
Video I added was a swarm capture and a honey raid.