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Swarm captured on wall


Got a call forwarded from the local dispatcher, you know the guys who answer 911. They call me when when they get a 911 call for bees, it is the price I pay for my civic duty as a volunteer as the fire department beekeeper for sting attacks.


Anyway, the swarm was at 4 feet on a wall in a nice subdivision. Couldn’t ask for anything more. Well, I could have asked that they be on a branch not a immovable wall. Anyway, a quick brush job and I was done in 30 minutes. I did offer to put up a swarm trap to prevent this from happening again.

Bees swarming on a wall

Doing Cutouts


Cutouts are simply removing unwanted hives from places humans deem unacceptable. Normally the wall of a house, or the eve of a barn or such. They can be a traumatic experience for both bee and beekeeper alike. In this podcast, I cover some of the legal, political and technical issues of cutouts.