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NY Swarms in the news

“One swarm covered the side-view mirror of a Volvo station wagon in a lot by the Hudson River, trapping a family of three inside. Another humming cluster the size of a watermelon bent a tree branch in front of a Chase Bank on the Lower East Side, attracting a crowd of gasping onlookers. And for several hours, thousands of bees carpeted a two-foot-tall red standpipe on the patio of a South Street Seaport restaurant, sending would-be outdoor diners elsewhere. “

Free Webinar by Dr Seeley on bee swarming today!


ForestConnect Webinar Series
How Honeybees Choose a Forest Home
Thomas Seeley, Cornell University
Department of Neurobiology and Behavior
May 16, 2012

First Swarm of 2012


I’ve heard reports of the first swarm of 2012 on Feb 29.

Swarm Trap Book makes top 100


Maybe not top 100 for all of Amazon, but it really does well under “Insects and Spiders”

A definative guide to swarm traps for the beginner

I’m not sure if I should be proud or just laugh at myself. Still a book over 80,000 is good on Amazon. So I’m happy being at 23,000, It is a vote of confidence by beekeepers that my swarm trap book is useful and worthwhile.

Spring is a comin’ to Texas


Just spent a week out in east Texas, I see several things blooming already, mainly the wild mustard. These early blooms are very important for protein sources for new bees. So I’m getting ready for some spring craziness.

I’d recommend putting on 1/2 lb of pollen patties for those in Texas as the drought really knocked our hives in the teeth last year.

Vertical Hives are cool


I’m always hip to seeing new, funky hives, here is a interesting blog on Verticals.

“After reading about David Heaf

Documentary I made on Bee Smokers with Dr. Paul Jackson


This summer I had time to go visit with the Texas State Entomologist, Dr. Paul Jackson.

He has a phenomenal collection of bee smokers and the lore that surrounds them. I couldn’t help but make a documentary on it. Granted, a bit sloppy on the editing, but effective.

Free Basic Beekeeping Manual for NGOs & Peace Corps Volunteers


This one goes out to my friends in Peace Corps and NGOs.

I’m a really, really big fan of Pam Gregory and her beekeeping work. She has also created the best manual for third world beekeeping out there.

Video of Beekeeping of Apis Dorsata aka Giant Honeybees


I’ve seen honey hunters cutting down the door sized single combs that Dorsata bees build. Normally the hunters are poor and they cut down the entire comb honey and all. The honey is drained, the brood might be eaten,

and the wax will be sold.

Back From the Texas Beekeeping Conference


Met lots of folks, learned much, and made lots of video for my fans. I even got to see and film the coronation of the new honey queen.

The main lessons from the technical track was that we should be feeding our bees in September to survive best over the winter. Also, that feeding will really help a hive with dealing with Nosema.

I also learned of a toxic honey plant in Texas that is (thankfully) reasonably rare, called ‘Snow on the Mountain’ which you can find more about here:

Snow on the Mountain