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I teach both Langstroth (modern box hives) and Top Bar Hive (triangular long hives) using beekeeping videos.


This site is dedicated to educating new beekeepers. Go over to the Video tab and find a topic you’d like to learn more about. Years of learning at your fingertips. I’ve got videos on Top Bar Hives and Langstroth Hives.


This is a capped honeycomb from a Top Bar Hive at mccartneyt.sg-host.com

Where to start – First check out the Beekeeping Videos.

Then make your way over to the articles page to better understand bees and beekeeping pests.


As you get more comfortable with beekeeping, you’ll then want to delve into finer aspects, such as splitting your hives, swarm trapping, and the fine art of pest management.


An exceptionally useful discussion and tutorial on swarm traps and bait hives will open your beekeeping up to recovering free feral hives that are likely disease resistant. In fact, I’ll be coming out with a DVD on this later this year.

One Response to “Welcome to Learning Beekeeping”

  1. Rick kelly-Crapse says:

    BTW, I know you are busy, but…I would love to see your top bar swarm trap. Not to mention the dimensions on the end boards for the top bar hive. Is it 8 inches at the bottom with a 30 degree angle on the sides? I am kind of guessing based on your 2 inch entrance hole.

    Thanks and keep up the great work,