Indian Blanket has peaked and slowly fading.


Horsemint is getting underway. I made it to the outyard today to move the 2nd swarm catch of the season. I got chiggars picking it up, so I’m reluctant to return the swarm box to the same location.

I checked on the hives out there. Found one hive with supercedure cells, I’m going to leave them in place and assume the bees know what they are doing. It is from a hive with the Corey mite resistant bees. So I’ll be at 1/4 genetics pretty fast.

Noticed the swarm trap that caught the first bees of the season had orphans in it and they were still at 20+. Enough to possibly fight off a new swarm.

The first swarm hive had abandoned their original comb and began building crosscomb. Very annoying.

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