Installing Corey Stephen Queens and confirmed Honeyflow


Coreys famous mite resistant queens arrived safe and sound, 4 of them. But I have storms coming in and it is overcast. Sometimes you have to beekeep at bad times.

In the home yard, I opened the nuc I made and the queen is now laying in there. Left them alone.

Checked the bigger hive that had a failing queen and to my surprise, found several opened queen cells, and several queens piping away. Well hell. I pinched 3 queens and not sure I got them all! I will have to get in that hive again tomorrow. I put in a queen cage but taped it with electrical tape. I’ll check it again in 3-4 days after the storms. Pinch any more queens I see and release the new queen. As a safety, I took 3 frames to make another nuc and transported it to the outyard and added a queen there.

In the outyard, I noticed that Indian Blanket bloom as begun, the honey flow is underway. I only brought sugar water for the 2 nucs. Storm gusts were blowing in and the bees were unhappy. It was a bad day of beekeeping for me.

The nuc I made last time at the outyard has had the queen hatch, I couldn’t find her and I injudiciously put in the caged queen, we’ll see how that goes. I may move that queen over in a couple of days to another hive perhaps. Having another unfound virgin queen makes me nervous.

I went thru the main mother hive 3x and never found the queen, but neither did I find eggs. I think they are queenless. I did find 2 queen cells unsealed. I cut them out. But I’m nervous again. As a precaution, I isolated a single frame where I thought I saw a black queen. I made a 1 frame + honey nuc out of it hoping to get the old queen out of the mother hive. Next visit will tell me if it has a queen or not. But I put the last varroa resistant queen in the mother hive. I just don’t feel comfortable about it.

Wrap up – 1 queen in the old home hive. 1 queen in a nuc split from home hive and placed at outyard, 1 queen in the last outyard nuc, 1 queen in mother miracle hive.

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