New Bee Lining Video


Here we go.

The cathouse hive was cutout and clipped into a Top Bar hive with hair clips. All the comb were fairly small, so the transition had little troubles. I fed them a jar of 1:1 syrup in the back of the hive. Hope they get their feet under them soon, Indian Blanket honeyflow is soon.
At the outyard, I’m getting a bit crowded. Hive count there is at 10. With 3 KTBH and 7 Langs. I’m not the area can support that number of hives. It is time to sell some of the Langs off, and prepare for more swarms as the second half the swarm season is to arrive. The going rate, according to the Beemaster Forums, is about $150 for a filled 10 frame deep, Plus $50 for filled additional deeps and $35 for filled mediums.

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