Nuc Hives for Sale – Austin TX




Starting in the Spring of 2011 I’ll be offering for sale nucs for both Langstroth and Top Bar Hives.



All my hives are treatment free. I’ve been collecting feral bees for years and evaluating their workability. I’m finally happy with a few genetic lines, so I’ll be offering some nucs in the Spring.


The queens are all survivor stock, from which I’ve chosen the best that fit these traits:

  1. Mite Resistance
  2. Early Spring buildup
  3. Good Producers
  4. Reasonably gentle – can be worked without gloves. But bear in mind, these can be considered a bit hot if you’ve only worked the gentlest of bees.
  5. Above all else, they are survivors without needing treatment

The TBH nucs will have 5 bars measuring 19.5″ long and the combs will be 10″ deep. The Lang Nucs will be 4 frame nucs, 3 of the frames will be brood with about 1 frame being honey.


None of our nucs have been treated for anything. These are as close to organic as we can get them.


I only expect to have 5 TBH nucs and 15 Lang nucs.


All nucs are pick up only. No shipping option. Located in NW Austin, TX

  • Lang nucs – $100 +$30 hive body (refundable after I get it back) or swap us a empty nuc with frames.
  • TBH nucs – $100 + $30 hive body (refundable after I get it back)


Lang nucs will use deep frames.

6 5/8 Mediums will also be available as will

7 1/4 mediums as well.


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15 Responses to “Nuc Hives for Sale – Austin TX”

  1. Jim Hogg says:

    How soon will can you get a couple of Lang nucs ready?

  2. mccartney says:

    Most should be ready for pickup by April 15. How many are you needing?

  3. Rusty Schoenherr says:

    Would like to buy 1 to start with.

  4. Vikki says:

    I am interested. I would love to come by and meet you, check out your bees, and find out some more details. Then I could give you the deposit in cash instead of paypal. Since this will be my first hive, I want to make sure that it’s the right fit for me. Look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Andie says:

    I’m interested in one Lang nuc, 6 5/8 med.
    When do you need the deposit by?
    Where is the pick up location?
    Do you provide mesh screens for the hive entrance at pick up?

  6. Andie says:

    I’m interested in one 6 5/8 medium Lang nuc.

  7. John Livingston says:

    I would like to reserve a nuc, if you have any left. Thanks, JL

  8. Jim Thompson says:

    We talked a bit the WCABA meeting before last and you were describing the various lines you’ve been cultivating. But I forget the details. Could you go into a bit of detail about which queens you are selling at this point? My group in the Bryan area is mostly Lang so focus on those would be good for me.

  9. Lance Wilson says:

    Hi McCartney,

    Enjoy your presentations at WCABA! I am interested in one lang nuc. if they are still available. I have a few questions. How old is the queen? Are you expecting that these survivor queens will need no soft chemical intervention? Have you run mite counts on the mother hives, what have you seen? As far as redeeming the deposit you need your nuc box back and frames with just foundation? Are we still thinking April 15th?

    I think we will be interested in also experimenting with your TBH in the future just to check it out and learn something new.



  10. Lance says:

    Hi Mccartney,

    Interested in buying one lang nuc, do you still have some coming up April 15?

  11. Daniel Schmalz says:

    Do you have nucs still available to reserve? Interested, thanks.

  12. Dean Hamilton says:

    I would like one langstrom nuc.

  13. Stan Crockett says:

    Do you have 4 or 5 NUCS available and, if so, when?

  14. mccartney says:

    I’ve frozen my nuc orders. I’m tapped out for the season. Sorry.

  15. mccartney says:

    Sold out sorry. I’ll go change my order page to reflect this. Best of luck!