NY Swarms in the news


“One swarm covered the side-view mirror of a Volvo station wagon in a lot by the Hudson River, trapping a family of three inside. Another humming cluster the size of a watermelon bent a tree branch in front of a Chase Bank on the Lower East Side, attracting a crowd of gasping onlookers. And for several hours, thousands of bees carpeted a two-foot-tall red standpipe on the patio of a South Street Seaport restaurant, sending would-be outdoor diners elsewhere. “

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  1. Chuckarama says:

    This is what I was afraid of with the urban beekeeping craze. The reason beekeeping was originally outlawed in most of those areas is because the bees can so easily become a public nuisance. Beekeepers in urban areas need to be hyperactive in managing for swarms. This means both prevention by good management, but also in baiting and trapping them when they do happen. 😉

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