Rent-a-Hive — A Twist Getting Bees back into the Urban Landscape


I like this post.

The simplicity of having a beekeeper charge $590 to a want-to-be-beekeeper urbanite to start beekeeping. The world gets more bees, and a beekeeper gets better pay for his skill set.

Brilliant, what more can I say?

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One Response to “Rent-a-Hive — A Twist Getting Bees back into the Urban Landscape”

  1. Rex H says:

    I have devoured almost all of your videos. Your cutout videos make most of the others I have seen, seem brutal, or even irresponsible.

    In this link, the text displayed is correct, but the associated link has an extra

    I am in Texas considering starting a hive, I would prefer to start it out the hard/cheap way, of
    capturing a feral colony. I am certain that would be a learning experience.
    I like your top bar approach. And hope that I can build a couple tbh before spring.
    I saw two feral hives last year while searching for property. I expect one of them is still there.
    Permission for destructive removal, may be a bit tougher. (but just an old derelict house)

    Thank you for posting your experiences.

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