Swarm Trap Book Almost Finished


I’ve finishing writing my new book on swarm trapping, it has cleared the editor and is now at the designer. It looks to be about 55 pages with 36 photos.
I’m putting it out as both a kindle book and via Amazon as a printed book.

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4 Responses to “Swarm Trap Book Almost Finished”

  1. Chuckarama says:

    Awe. C’mon… Consider the rest of us that use a non-proprietary reader and publish in a generic epub format too, please. Google ebooks or Barnes and Noble are both capable epub distributors.

  2. mccartney says:

    Oh yes, I’ll also release it as a PDF.

  3. Daniel says:

    Any update on the book being released?

  4. mccartney says:

    in the next 7 days! The ebook is finished, the printed version just sent out the first proof copy this week, so some time this month.

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