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Great Beekeeping Recordings from American Beekeeping Federation


The ABF did audio recording of it’s sessions the links to the MP3’s are found on their page:

Session Recordings-

Several educational sessions were recorded during the 2011 North American Beekeeping Conference & Tradeshow in Galveston, Texas, and are now available for your review. Download them at your convenience and spend some time revisiting the 2011 conference in your own home. We hope you find these recordings to be a valuable resource for your personal beekeeping education and experience. Click on the links below to access the audio version of these sessions.

Special thanks to American Beekeeping Federation member Tim Tucker for his assistance with this project.
Wednesday, January 5, 2011 (Commercial Beekeepers Shared Interest Group)

Charles Wick: Proteomics of Iridescent Virus and Nosema (MP3 file)

Tom Moriarity and Tom Steeger EPA: EPA Actions to Help Pollinators (MP3 file)

Various Speakers: Discussions with the EPA (MP3 file)

Kerry Scott: Update on H2A Procedures for Beekeepers (MP3 file)

Randy Oliver: Latest on Bee Nutrition and Nosema Ceranae (MP3 file)

Steve Coy: Russian Bees: How They Have Helped My Operation (MP3 file)
Wednesday, January 5, 2011 (Honey Producer/Packer Shared Interest Group)

Randy Oliver: Protecing the Image of Honey (MP3 file)

Ray Olivarez and Shannon Wooten: What Queen Breeders are Doing to Ensure Quality Queens for Your Operation (MP3 file)

Tony and Dan LaLonde: Maximizing Profit Through Organic: Pitfalls, Potentials, Possibilities and Profit! (MP3 file)

Dr. Zachary Huang: Optimum Health = Maximum Protection (MP3)
Wednesday, January 5, 2011 (Package Bee & Queen Breeders Shared Interest Group)

David Tarpy: NCSU: Ongoing Issues with Queens (MP3 file)

Marion Ellis and Livette Dahlgren: The Effects of Toxins on Queen Honey Bees (MP3 file)

Randy Oliver: Scientific Beekeeping: Thoughts About Queen Breeding (MP3 file)

Shannon Wooten: Queen Rearing in Northern California: A Family Tradition (MP3 file)
Wednesday, January 5, 2011 (Small Scale/Sideliner Shared Interest Group)

Mark Dykes: Honey Bee Research in Florida (MP3 file)

Paul Jackson: Collection of Smokers and Status of Beekeeping in Texas (MP3 file)

Randy Furbert and Quincy Burgess: Beekeeping in Bermuda (MP3 file)

Roger Hoopingarner: Two Queen System (MP3 file)

Ted Jones: Growing from a Small Scale to a Sideline Beekeeper (MP3 file)
Thursday, January 6, 2011 (General Session)

Albert Robinson: The Saskatraz Honey Bee Breeding Program (MP3 file)

Brandon Hopkins: The Importance of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators to U.S. Agriculture: 1992-2008 (MP3 file)

Bruce Boynton: National Honey Board Marketing and Research Programs (MP3 file)

Christi Heintz: Best Management Practices for Beekeepers Pollinating Ag Crops (MP3 file)

Dr. Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman: The Effects of Fungicides on the Physiology and Health of Honey Bees (MP3 file)

Dr. Jay Evans: Targeting Bee Pests with Genetics (MP3 file)

Dr. Jeff Pettis: Dream Fields (MP3 file)

Dr. Laine Bourgeois: Research in Molecular Biology at the USDA Lab in Baton Rouge (MP3 file)

Dr. Marion Ellis: Honey Bee Pharmacology (MP3 file)

Dr. Medhat Nasr: Honey Bee Health Surveillance: A Successful Program to Restore Bee Health (MP3 file)

Dr. Peter Teal: Development of Attractants and Repellants for Control of Honey Bee Pests (MP3 file)

Dr. Ron Fessenden: Sleeping Your Way to Better Health (with Honey) (MP3 file)

Dr. Stephen Pernal: An Update on Recent Findings on the Biology and Control of Nosema Ceranae (MP3 file)

Joan Gunter: Report from the Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees (MP3 file)

Susan Coby: The UCD and WSU Stock Implementation Project (MP3 file)
Thursday, January 6, 2011 (Serious Sideliner Symposium)

Grant Gillard: Options in Comb Honey Production (MP3 file)

Greg Hannaford: Don’t Just Sell Honey, Sell the Beekeeper: Guide to Effective Marketing (MP3 file)

Karen Peteros: Urbanism: Bees in the City (San Francisco, California) (MP3 file)

Brandon and Susan Pollard: Urbanism: Bees in the City (Dallas, Texas) (MP3 file)

Ginger Reuter: Setting Up a Candle Business (MP3 file)

Rich Wieske: Propolis (MP3 file)

Rich Wieske: Urbanism: Bees in the City (Detroit, Michigan) (MP3 file)

Various Speakers: Extraction of Bees (MP3 file)
Friday, January 7, 2011 (General Session)

Various Speakers: Certified True Source Honey Traceability Program (MP3)

Clint Walker: National Honey Bee Advisory Board Update (MP3 file)

Dan Cummings: Almond Industry Perspective (MP3 file)

Various Speakers: Loss of Honey Bee Colonies – Unraveling the Interactions Between Pathogens and Pesticides (MP3 file)

Dr. Mark Carroll: Of Microbes and Molecules – Honey Bee Nutrition Revisited (MP3 file)

Dr. William Meikle: Temperature, Diet and Other Factors on Small Hive Beetle Growth and Reproduction (MP3 file)

Dr. Frank Eischen: Impact of Nutritional Stress, Varroa and Nosema Acting Either Singly or Together on Honey Bee Strength and Survival (MP3 file)

Gordon Marks: World Honey Supply and Demand and How it Relates to the North American Market (MP3 file)
Friday, January 7, 2011 (Serious Sideliner Symposium)

Jennifer Berry: Going Postal and Other Issues (MP3 file)

Jim Haskell and Pam Fisher: Virginia’s Beekeeping Guilds and Nucleus Colony Programs (MP3 file)

David Mendes: Making Nuclei Hives: How We “Rejuvenate” Old Hives into “Beehives of the Future” (MP3 file)

Sheldon Schwitek: To Market to Market: Pricing for and Selling at Farm Markets (MP3 file)

David Tarpy: Advantages of Multiple Mating (MP3 file)

Various Speakers: Discussion: Replacing Packages with Locally Produced Nuclei (MP3 file)
Saturday, January 8, 2011 (Interactive Workshops)

Frederique Keller: Apitherapy (MP3 file)

Dr. Ron Fessenden: The Revolutionary Impact of Honey on Human Health (MP3 file)

Dr. Eric Mussen: Hints for Successful Backyard Beekeeping (MP3 file)

Randy Oliver: General Beekeeping Q&A (MP3 file)