Old Texas Law required Swarms Destroyed.


UPDATE – Just called the State Apiary Inspector. Their office said the quarantine has been lifted, as the entire state is now considered Africanized. Swarms are no longer required to be destroyed.
Just noticed that Texas AG Law 71.7 overreacted in the 1980’s and requires all swarms in ‘quarantined areas’ aka Africanized territory must be destroyed. Failure to do so is a Class C misdemeanor. Currently, the Texas State Inspector is stretched thin or is unwilling and this law is not enforced, but is it worth putting in the effort to repeal it?
“All swarms observed or captured in a quarantined area should be destroyed. Beekeepers retaining AHB swarms are subject to having the Inspector seize and order the destruction, treatment or sale of the bees, equipment, pollen or honey. 71.7(b)(5).”

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    Old Texas Law required Swarms Destroyed. | Learning Beekeeping

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