Visited Liberty Hill Outyard


Checked on new Split, confirmed laying queen. Good brood pattern, 4 frames brood? Removed Boardman feeders, put in a Miller feeder. Added 2 galleons of 1:1 On the mother hive, I really did some work. Confirmed they have almost finished 3 galleons of 1:1. I removed the Dakota super, moved over the medium frames in it to a medium super, left out the dakota supers to be robbed out and recovered later. I also refilled the miller feeder with 2 gallons of 1:1.

The mother hive needed the deep repaired, so I moved all frames to a fixed deep and took home the damaged old one. It really pissed them off. Too many followed me too far, so i suspect some Africanization. However, they produced so much honey last year, I need to do mite checks and save data on productivity on this genetic line.

Mother hive had 6 frames of brood. I think it will need another check next week because I think I could take 2 frames of brood off and create a new nuc. Otherwise it may get close to swarming.

I observed only dewberry in bloom. No signs of Firewheel at the outyard. Did spot one patch of firewheel on the drive home. But that was a lot of driving seeing only 1 patch. So weeks away. Only 2 weeks away maybe?

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